YappApp, the app that's more up to date than any mainstream news channel. The app that turns you, the public, into a reporter! What do we mean?

YappApp is a location-based, crowdsourcing app providing bang up-to-date information on what's going on around you, in real time.

How is this possible? Because YappApp is updated by real people from your local area, 24/7.

It's far more reliable than hoping to stumble across the latest news, events, or an incident on Facebook or Twitter, as everyone reporting to YappApp is from your area, posting news specifically for others in that area.


The up-to-the-minute Yapp information is split into categories, covering:

  • News

    Anything from a world record attempt in your area, a major incident, a rescued kitten, a fire.

  • Crime Alert

    Covers crime such as a recently stolen bike or car, a burglary, a street robbery, you may even get the chance to see and report a fleeing suspect.

  • Traffic

    Floods, crashes, sneaky speed traps, road closures, parades in town. If it's going to make you slow, you'll know.

  • Events

    The latest information on upcoming galas, fairs, circuses, markets, charity fundraisers, parades, gigs, and much more.

  • Shopping

    Deals, too good to miss, from a meal deal at a local sandwich shop to a huge flash sale at a big electrical retailer.

All news is current, then gone 24 hours later, it's quick, snappy, and of the moment. There's no duplicate content, as users update existing stories, located via a pin on a map.

In short, YappApp allows you access to news that's so up to date that it's happening that very moment.

It's simple to use and completely free. What are you waiting for? Download now for free!

Got a suggestion? Email us at info@yappapp.co.uk